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Holiday Minis, Pt. 3 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

The third family I met with for a mini session last weekend is a family of four.  Kids, that is.  Still a lightning fast session and we got everyone in with a sweet grin 🙂  In a way, more kids is a little less intense for each of the kids…they get a break while the others are being focused on.

Remember, when we get to the end of this string of minis there will be a GIVEAWAY!  We’re on 3 out of 7…keep tuning in 🙂


Holiday Minis, Pt. 2 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

Welcome to Day Two.  🙂

I photographed 7 families during this minis session, so we have a few days ahead of us.  That said, I may have to do some double posting over the weekend…I know these folks are excited to get their photos!

K & K are just doll children (the eyes!  they eyes!).  You may remember big sister from earlier this year.  She’s all grown up now with her rockin’ pixie cut (I TOTALLY approve :-).  Enjoy!



Pretty in Pink {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

Three beautiful girls + a gorgeous day at the park = fun times and great family photos!

I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to say about that!

Rachel is ONE {Tucson Baby Photographer}

I joined Rachel and family for a lovely birthday in the park.  It was cool and sunny…just perfect!

This girl is a doll (like big sis) and a CHAMPION eater.  Seriously, the girl can eat.  I was very impressed 🙂

We toodled around getting some fun family shots before the requisite birthday cake.  Fun times!






Isabella & Elias {Tucson Family Photographer}

Whew!  This month is almost over and…it has been CRAZY!  In a good way, but, whew!

This is the first of several sessions I had last weekend.  Gram asked me to do a session with her and the babes.  You may remember Isabella from her newborn session.  Elias, her cousin, is equally adorable.  I have to add: I don’t think I have EVER met a more cooperative 2.5 year old!  Holy Moly!



Love these guys!

Cecilia {Tucson Baby Photographer}

First things first, I suppose.  We were loving on the dappled sunlight (and sun in general) during our session…which sent me down a sunshine rabbit hole.  SO, something new here: processing!  Yup.  I did do some processing on these images.  I wanted to convey the feeling of the warm sun on a chilly morning; something that is hard to convey given how harsh the Tucson sunlight can be!

Cecilia was a champ, chomping her way through our session.  She was/is in the midst of cutting 4 (count-em!) teeth all at once!  Lots of wiping of drool and, eventually, the sweet little thing just couldn’t take it anymore.  Great session though 🙂

Lots of pictures here featuring Cece and Papa.  Don’t worry Mama – there are lots with you too!  I just wanted to feature some of those great father-daughter shots since he’s usually the one behind the camera 😉


chomping away…but, look at those lovely eyes!




I love this last shot…I feel like the hand over Papa’s shoulder says it all 🙂

Oh, and, in case you all were wondering, there seems to be something funny going on with photo saturation on my blog.  The site I use for hosting seems to be screwing things up 😦  Nothing I’ve tried helps – I’ll have to start looking for other solutions soon…  All of this to say, the photos featured here are MUCH cooler in actual printed (and on-screen) life!

Audrey’s Clan {Tucson Baby Photographer}

I was thrilled when these lovely folks agreed to have their session up on Mt. Lemmon.  It was chilly up there but Audrey had a beautiful sweater, handknit by Mama for her first birthday, to keep her warm.

Anyone who knows this lovely little lady also knows that she is possibly the happiest baby on Earth.  I’m pretty sure that is not an overstatement. 🙂

Here’s a few peeks of our session this past Sunday…I think the drive and temps were definitely worth it!

We caught this last shot as the sun was finally sinking for the day.  No tripod, just a steady hand as I shrank the aperture down to a squint and we crossed our fingers that Audrey would sit still long enough for one shot.  We win!  We win!