Cecilia {Tucson Baby Photographer}

First things first, I suppose.  We were loving on the dappled sunlight (and sun in general) during our session…which sent me down a sunshine rabbit hole.  SO, something new here: processing!  Yup.  I did do some processing on these images.  I wanted to convey the feeling of the warm sun on a chilly morning; something that is hard to convey given how harsh the Tucson sunlight can be!

Cecilia was a champ, chomping her way through our session.  She was/is in the midst of cutting 4 (count-em!) teeth all at once!  Lots of wiping of drool and, eventually, the sweet little thing just couldn’t take it anymore.  Great session though 🙂

Lots of pictures here featuring Cece and Papa.  Don’t worry Mama – there are lots with you too!  I just wanted to feature some of those great father-daughter shots since he’s usually the one behind the camera 😉


chomping away…but, look at those lovely eyes!




I love this last shot…I feel like the hand over Papa’s shoulder says it all 🙂

Oh, and, in case you all were wondering, there seems to be something funny going on with photo saturation on my blog.  The site I use for hosting seems to be screwing things up 😦  Nothing I’ve tried helps – I’ll have to start looking for other solutions soon…  All of this to say, the photos featured here are MUCH cooler in actual printed (and on-screen) life!


One response to “Cecilia {Tucson Baby Photographer}

  1. I love what I’m seeing so far!! Can’t wait to see them all! ❤

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