Audrey’s Clan {Tucson Baby Photographer}

I was thrilled when these lovely folks agreed to have their session up on Mt. Lemmon.  It was chilly up there but Audrey had a beautiful sweater, handknit by Mama for her first birthday, to keep her warm.

Anyone who knows this lovely little lady also knows that she is possibly the happiest baby on Earth.  I’m pretty sure that is not an overstatement. 🙂

Here’s a few peeks of our session this past Sunday…I think the drive and temps were definitely worth it!

We caught this last shot as the sun was finally sinking for the day.  No tripod, just a steady hand as I shrank the aperture down to a squint and we crossed our fingers that Audrey would sit still long enough for one shot.  We win!  We win!

2 responses to “Audrey’s Clan {Tucson Baby Photographer}

  1. Love the audrey crew, beautiful light!

  2. Robbin Lynn Smith

    Thank you for these beautiful photographs of my grand-daughter. I love the light on Mt. Lemmon this time of year. You captured my family and the season wonderfully. Looking forward to more photographs by you through the coming years.

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