The R Family! {Tucson Family Photographer}

I just LOVE doing swaps with other amazing photographers!  For one, they are a dream to photograph because they know exactly what goes into a great shot!  Plus, there’s that whole benefit of getting photos of our family too…

Jenna is the “other” photog I’m speaking of.  She’s very talanted and, as I said to D as we were leaving our session (before even seeing any images), “That was so fun – we’ll definitely do that again!”  Care to see her work?  Head on over to Generations Photography!

Anyway, these guys were really a dream to photograph.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…when Papa is involved and active in the session we get great shots.  Period.  Of course, as things started to melt down toward the end of our session a catchy rendition by Mama of Thomas the Tank Engine didn’t hurt either 🙂

Gorgeous family, no?







One response to “The R Family! {Tucson Family Photographer}

  1. Micha, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the family shot with the yellow background! You ROCK!

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