Grace & Co. {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

The W family contacted me about photos because they feel that they have a hard time smiling for posed shots.  They were hoping I could capture some genuine smiles and, you know what, I’m so happy they came to me!

As you all know, my style tends toward lifestyle portrait, which just means I’m a photojournalist for the time we spend together.  I capture the crazy-wacky things kids do because that’s who kids are!  Sure, I suggest poses, but that’s mostly because we only have 60-90 minutes (not a whole day, for example) and because most parents want at least ONE shot of the whole family together 😛

Anyway, point is, I was psyched to help out the W family because our family is the same way…not so great at posing and we end up looking kind of stiff in photos.  Well, I think we broke out of the stiff box.  Yay for families that really show off their love!  Grace is an absolute JOY of a child – so beautiful and full of light!

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