They are The Not-Its!

We just returned from a trip up to Seattle where we stayed with some wonderful cousins of ours, did some eating (of course!) and checked out this fun kids band (full disclosure: one of our cousins is IN the band).

We have listened to their two albums tons (good music for us and West…) and were thrilled with how fun they were live.  If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend checking these guys out.  If you aren’t, you should still check them out (though maybe via CDs).  They are what D and I describe as “a rock band that is suitable for kids.”  The music is good and they lyrics often pack a lesson for little ones (though I’m told this isn’t always intentional).  Learn more, find shows and buy CDs at

My current favorite song?  Accidentally (on the newest CD).  I think this one holds some lessons for all of us, adults included 😉

3 responses to “They are The Not-Its!

  1. Great photos Micha! I saw you wondering around behind us, but I had no idea the lighting was so great. Thanks for posting these.


  2. Thanks, Mike! I just sent Danny a whole disc of images (75, I think) and there are some great ones of you, your set and the trees. Kind of surreal…but cool 🙂
    Thanks for entertaining us!

  3. these look great! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest… xoxox, R

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