Charlotte turns ONE! {Tucson Baby Photographer}

I’ve known little Miss Charlotte since, well, before she was born.  Her Mommy and I were in a birth class together 🙂

She is such a sweetie and – OH! – those eyes!  I can’t believe these kiddos are all reaching the one year mark already.  Charlotte is starting to walk too.  And, she isn’t the first of our little group.  The babies…they are growing up!

Anyway, what you really want is to see Charlotte.  Here she is: Little Miss Adorable and Happy!

ooh…and special thanks to Mommy and Daddy for their enthusiasm and antics that kept Baby Girl smiling!

4 responses to “Charlotte turns ONE! {Tucson Baby Photographer}

  1. Renatta Palazzo

    I love them! OMG you are truely great at what you do. I am so excited to see them all.

  2. this is soooo great! i love the shots with the cake! we have lots to be proud of, mamas! 🙂 love you both.

  3. I love the picture of her in the air and the one with her feet in the water. They are all such great pictures. You did an amazing job.

  4. Micha-you captured great moments! What a beautiful little girl! Thanks for sharing…I hope all is well.

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