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Hey Y’all!

Just in time for the new year we are moving to a new, more lovely site!

Head over to WestlightPhotography.com and check out our new digs.  Let me know what you think!  Don’t forget to bookmark the new location while you are there 😉

Remember, I am hosting a giveaway TOMORROW (coinciding with our last minis post).  Be sure to check out our last session from a week ago and get the details on how you can win!


Holiday Minis, Pt. 5 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

Or, Sunday, part one…

Jude and Evelyn are adorable little cuties.  At an age that is really one of the hardest to capture effectively we came away with some AWESOME photos (surprise mom!).  Oh, yeah, and I SO wish I had a recording of Evie’s laugh to share with you.  It was so genuine and, well, a true belly-laugh.  Made my day 🙂

I just have to note, I did not Photoshop these beautiful eyes…they are the real deal!

Holiday Minis, Pt. 4 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

Oh, the doe eyes!  Need I say more?

Beautiful, sweet girl!

4 down, 3 to go and then it’s giveaway time!

Holiday Minis, Pt. 3 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

The third family I met with for a mini session last weekend is a family of four.  Kids, that is.  Still a lightning fast session and we got everyone in with a sweet grin 🙂  In a way, more kids is a little less intense for each of the kids…they get a break while the others are being focused on.

Remember, when we get to the end of this string of minis there will be a GIVEAWAY!  We’re on 3 out of 7…keep tuning in 🙂

Holiday Minis, Pt. 2 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

Welcome to Day Two.  🙂

I photographed 7 families during this minis session, so we have a few days ahead of us.  That said, I may have to do some double posting over the weekend…I know these folks are excited to get their photos!

K & K are just doll children (the eyes!  they eyes!).  You may remember big sister from earlier this year.  She’s all grown up now with her rockin’ pixie cut (I TOTALLY approve :-).  Enjoy!



Holiday Minis, Pt. 1 {Tucson Children’s Photographer}

Last weekend I shot several Holiday Mini sessions at a friend’s home.  We made a party of it with cookies and hot cocoa and, of course, some darling kiddos!

Mini sessions are shorter than a typical session.  The challenge is always to engage the children in a shorter time frame.  For this first family, the challenge also included engaging 3 kiddos in that shortened 25 minutes!  Could NOT have done this without the help of Mom + Dad 🙂

I also want to specially thank the W Family for hosting this fun event!  I’ll be posting family by family – saving the wonderful hosts for last!  And, since this is the season for giving, I’ll be hosting a giveaway in their post!  Stay tuned…

Oh, and you may remember these cuties from back in the summer 😉




Love. {Tucson Family Photographer}

It took months for me to get together with this lovely family, and I am so glad it finally worked out!  Amber is such a photogenic little girl and this age – when they have ideas of what would be neat to see in a picture and get involved – is so fun.

We tooled around a couple blocks in Barrio Viejo and Barrio Santa Rosa.  I love shooting in this location because there is something new and interesting around every corner!

Here’s  a sneak peek from our session…